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Roots Roots

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I missed one?

Wow; i missed a damn big one too. This picture is waaay to much for me explain at 3:00 in the morning. All i must say is that the concept here is gorgeous, and the halo looks wonderful. The lace is cool because it isn't pretty like it should be, but rather a crude texture. All in all, a very wholesome and impressive work. The kind i want on my wall.

Great job (past tense of course,) and a good 3 weeks ago to you. 5/5

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CptBeefcake responds:


this was one of my first digital paintings so I experimented a lot more.
I'm glad you like it because I don't think it looks a lot like my other art

btw thats one fat tree

Depths Depths

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Of your non-abstract, this one is by far your best. As said before, the contrast is very subtle, almost making the whole work like a single gradient. This helps flow greatly, with your eyes going up from the dark, up the divider, (which looks like a tower, nice focal point, btw) and into the sunlight. The objects are unclear, but i assume they are trees. However, this works greatly into the work, as the diagonal brush gives all the elements a...feeling. This one is so different because it is not abstract. It is not a landscape. It is whole. And it is beautiful. a cake or something. You deserve it. Good day to you, sir. 5/5

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CptBeefcake responds:

are you an artist? :P

your critique is awesome, and I have no idea why people think it's useless.

Stream Stream

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Don't be afraid of the first nine i gave you; this one's a bit...blurry is all. It has a nice flow...up the stream and then up the trees, but everything else sorta...yeah. Of course, this one has its own unique advantages, like the excellent texture and fade-away on the trees, but there's almost no contrast, sans the stream and page divider. So, it would be a good Wallpaper, but not much of an impactful showpiece.

But I love it anyway, and a good night to you. 5/5 [ but 9/10 ;) ]

Earth Earth

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Interesting, though.

Where you think you have failed, you have also made a success. Percfect it may not be, your unique rendition of planet Earth is a damn good one.

CptBeefcake responds:

I definitely was too critical of my work, Im actually pretty happy with this, but it would have helped if the elements of the drawing were easier to tell apart. I'm excited about my animation but it won't be done anytime soon.

Path Path

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'll just leave this here...

I'll agree with the others and say this stands out from your other works. Also, the white line is rather interesting. I saw it again in the Eye, but this one looks like you actually intended to use it. It looks more like a fissure; the way it is eroded and lighter. It really stands out that way. I don't know if its your medium or whatever, but this picture is a bit green. I like it, as it gives it a slight other dimension, but doesn't distract from the work's mood. This one is not as abstract, but it definetely shows your skill with the watered-acrylic; the detail in the trees, the left one especially, is tremendous.

Another success, and a good day to you. 5/5

CptBeefcake responds:

your support is really helpful, thanks again. Just to fill you in, the white line is there because most of the work I do is made over a two page spread in a sketchbook, I decided to use it to my advantage as the vanishing point in this one, but any appearance of the page split in other scans is unintentional. The green is there because the pages of the sketch book were slightly yellow, and I put a cooling filter in photoshop, which I guess led to it being slightly green. I definitely like the actual content of the picture, although the path and the vanishing point are somewhat cliche, but at one point this was the highest scoring art submission on newgrounds!

Remains Remains

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My kind of scene.

You know what? I love the scene you have here. It reminds me of one of the planets in my story. I was considering changing it, but you just cemented the layout. Interestingly enough, the people who live there have similar vehicles 0_o

Stunji responds:

It isn't the most original mecha, that's for sure :P

Eye Eye

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like this one.

Your abstract style appears to be strong as well. It's hectic in patches, but has a great flow over all. Your eyes are guided towrds the eye, of course, but you then reverse back to the dark branches that branch to the left. This is a very balanced piece, despite a lack of symmetry. Good job on that. About the dark branches - i lke them most in this; they remind me of those tribal doodles i did in my planner when i got bored one day. Oh, and this is a huge picture. Huge.

Great job and another good day to you 5/5.

CptBeefcake responds:

hey someone commented on this! I think most people were put off by its oddness. the thing I like about this one over all the others is the forced perspective. I agree that it flows really well, and unlike the tree or the city, the pipe (vein etc...) coming out of the foreground draws the audience in a lot more effectively than the others. Its weird though because the eye is looking the other way..

thanks for the criticism, comments, and all that, btw if I were to make it huge you might end up seeing all the errors... !

Digging Digging

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I must say,

I really like this grunge-style you have; instead of conveying the beauty of life, you show the other, dirtier end of the spectrum. Again, the splatters and other fluid-like marks side with the unrefined nature and overall mood of the work, making it hectic, but still appropriate and true to what it is. The messy text is also a good touch; although difficult to read, the key words that are visible from afar act like clues to help you gradually understand what you are seeing. It's like a visual mystery, really.

Again, great work and a good day to you 5/5

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CptBeefcake responds:

! thanks for the support, I don't have much to say; you summed it up perfectly! Most of the text has an overall meaning, but the real reason I put it in is the aesthetic; I really love all forms of art, and this puts together two completely separate mediums that normally (not anymore) wouldn't be together.

Deadwood Deadwood

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well I liked it...

It's definetely dramatic, I'll say that much. I really like the way that this is done; dirty, rotten, and dead. The black trails at the bottom are an excellent touch. If you hadn't said it was a burnt branch, i never would have known. However, that doesn't matter because regardless of what it is, it is no more, and that is where this picture is truly depressing.

Great work and 5/5.

CptBeefcake responds:

thanks for the support, I was considering not posting this because I didn't think many people on newgrounds would appreciate it. I really like this work myself, its actually one of my favourite ink paintings. Now you've convinced me to post another, I don't like it as much but its still good!